Wednesday, February 13, 2008

True story: Picture this...

It's a nice summer day on the river in some remote county in the country. You've gotten up way too early and suffered those early hour low temperatures just to enjoy the opportunity for some sunrise fishing on the water. It's just you and your man out on the boat, relaxing, catching up and casting out. You've packed a lunch and some snacks and drinks because you've come this far away from home, you'd might as well stay for the day!

Running up and down the river, you're searching for *just* the right spot to catch a nice bass or two when all of a sudden, your whole world is changed. You are not quite sure what happened but suddenly you are thrust forward crashing into the inside front of the boat. The boat stopped but you didn't. There's pain, there's blood. Apparently we've hit an unforeseen underwater obstacle! You look over and see that your man has hurt his legs and knees but he will be ok. You are not so lucky. You see him trying to get to you and then he wraps his t-shirt around your head. The next thing you know, you wake up in an ambulance.

This is a true story that happened to my dad and his girlfriend on an unassuming summer day 2 years ago. They were out boating and fishing and they had a terrible accident. There was no help around and their cell phones had no signals in that place. Luckily some nice people came along and helped them tow their wrecked boat and got them to their vehicle. His girlfriend had a huge gash across her forehead and needed immediate attention. Other people tried to call for help to no avail due to the fact that they were too far away from any cell towers. In the end, they got her to a hospital and her blood loss wasn't fatal.

I fish with my dad in these remote type places all summer long! We take the boat and all the cousins on floating trips in these places when they come to visit. We also like to go riding on the 4 wheelers out in the woods. We all have cell phones but they are rendered useless without a signal! There are 2 different places on my regular routes alone where I have a loss of signal for a brief time. I could really put a universal cell phone booster to good use!

Not only would it be useful for the initial road trip to the woods or river or lake but it is also easily taken from the car right on board the boat or in the 4 wheeler pack to take along! The universal cell phone booster from 'Powerful Signal' boosts the signal with 3 watts of power making it sensitive enough to detect even the faintest signals even from shadowed cell towers. It works on all North American carriers for cell phones and with laptop data cards.

The benefits of having this handy helper go beyond extending cell phone battery life, which it does as well. They also offer many accessories to compliment the booster kit and utilize it in many ways which makes the kit priceless in most situations! I can think of a ton of great uses for this kit and would love the opportunity to put it to good use. It sure would offer some peace of mind in more ways than one! Emergency help can only respond if they are alerted to.

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Skittles said...

I'm glad neither were seriously hurt.