Tuesday, February 26, 2008

End of an era! Ode to Poloroid

Guess it's time to trade all those penny stocks on Polaroid! The company has decided to end it's production of this much loved icon of instamatic photographic wonder. So on that note I add this:

Ode to the Polaroid:

Polaroid, You were there
When I met Dweezil Zappa.
And always ready to capta’
Someone doing something they weren’t supposed ta’!

We will miss watching all the idiots
Fanning you around,
Trying to speed up a chemical process
Sealed inside and bound.

Thanks to you,
We will remember our trips to the zoo.
And all the other childhood places
We used to take you to.

We are sad to see you go,
Of this you surely must know.
It’s with a tear in our eye,
And a stack of old photos this high
That we shall say goodbye.

And now, a moment of silence for our fast acting friend of yesterday. With your help, may we always remember the good times of days gone by!


KathyUSA said...

Oh to think of the simple click and print days.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I had several of these over the years. I really liked them too. Have a great day Becca. :)

jams o donnell said...

Ah a sad loss.

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

I tried to explain what a polaroid was to one of the kids when we moved and I came across an old one.
. . . .
so, like a digital camera with printer built in?