Monday, February 25, 2008

Give Me Five Monday Meme #15

Monday, February 25, 2008

The 'Give Me Five' Monday meme is designed to share fun information with each other in a simple short list! Here's how it works. Each week, I will put out a random topic from my list of topics and you share 5 answers of your choice on the given topic and link back here! You can add photos, links or stories or just a simple list of your own of 5 things that relate to the topic as it pertains to you and your life experiences. It doesn't have to be in any order of importance unless otherwise specified.
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Give Me Five favorite things to do in your favorite season of the year.

Here in St. Louis, the weather can go from cold to warm and then back to cold in the evening. It's a joke that you know you are in St. Louis if you have to use the furnace and the air conditioner in the same day :-) Lately, we have been experiencing alot of ice and snow, not like Antarctica but more than we have had over the past few years. So much for global warming, huh? Anyway, all this cold weather and ice scraping has given me the longing for spring. So I though I would give my answers for spring...although it is not my favorite, it's definitely in the top 3 and the one I'm most looking forward to today.

1. Flying kites-Admittedly not something I have done since I was a kid, but I still would if I had the chance!

2. Bike riding-I have a bike now that I need to have serviced and repaired so I could get out in the warm sunlight and feel the breeze in my face! Woo!! I can't wait and I could use the exercise.

3. Wear shorts-Ok, this isn't really something you 'do' per say but I definitely look forward to the weather permitting this wonderful enjoyment. I would live in shorts if I could, I love em'!

4. Visit parks and the Zoo-It's just too cold now and nothing is in bloom but springs offers a vast array of flowering beauties and a walk through the zoo here in St. Louis is perfect in the spring!

5. Washing my car-It's not like I can't wash it in the winter time or don't for that matter because I do. It's more that when I get it clean it looks great for a while and doesn't get snowed on and covered in gross salt residue.
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TAMY & the SGT said...

Cute Shorts picture - girl you have to see both Miracle on 34th streets and It's a Wonderful Life - it's a sin not to (well not really, but they're such classics).

TAMY & the SGT said...

I mist have been reading your while you were reading mine. I live in the U.P. Michigan. We have a saying around here, 'if you don't like the weather, wait an hour it'll change'. I'm in a town almost equal distance between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and we seem to get 'lake effect' everything! It's gorgeous though - always green, even under 5 feet of snow.

Stacey @RealWorldMom said...

What a great idea--and perfect timing with all the complaining I've been doing about the cold/snow/gray skies lately! LOL! I didn't have room for shorts--or sandals--on my list!

Skittles said...

I'd like summer more if it wasn't so darn hot. :)

Misty Dawn said...

I'm longing for Spring, but Summer is my absolute favorite.

Tammy said...

I like this one! It was fun to do, but it makes me wish summer was here already. LOL!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great question today. Mine is up and I'm so glad I get to play this week. I'm thinking your are ready for spring Becca. Just saying. Have a great GM5. :)

Anna said...

I picked Spring, too. Now I'm wishing it would hurry up and get here.

Natalie said...

Hi! This is my first time doing this meme. I love the St. Louis Zoo. I went there almost a decade ago with my best friend.

the teach said...

Becca, all fun things to do in the Spring! I'm looking forward myself! Mine is up @Work of the Poet

Kwizgiver said...

Another great theme!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for letting me know! I thought it went to my main blog page. Oops!

Jean @ Penny Lane said...

Flying kites! That is fun at the beach, especially the ocean with the sea breeze around here.

Mine is up.

forgetfulone said...

I haven't flown a kite in a long time, and I look forward to going to the park again soon. I wrote about fall, and finally got it posted. I enjoyed yours! Great topic.