Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Weekend: The Bad (Part 2 of 3)

"The Bad"

I met my dad at my cousin Tony's house. Over the years, this particular cousin has had different nicknames. Lil' Tony, Tito (pronounced 'Tee-toe') and some others I won't mention here for lack of clean terms to translate with. He was always a wild child, wrestling goats and acting out in one way or another. So it's very interesting to see how his life has progressed. He is married and has 2 young boys. I'm afraid his boys are worse than he ever was.

They had one of these ^ types of dual water slides. The kids were having a blast in the sun playing on it! I kept saying, "We would have died for one of these when we were kids!" Then, from amongst the laughs and giggles of the little ones, I heard some very foul and vulgar words! The remarks were so obvious and offensive, they sort of pierced the air and carved their own dark path across the yard to us like a colon cleanser on overdrive! Apparently his YOUNGEST son (4 years old) was not happy about something. Once we all heard it, I was just waiting for the wrath of a parent to be can imagine my surprise when the adults just rolled their eyes and turned away as they grinned and held back their laughter! What!?!?! This can't be good.... Then the stories began to flow about how his older brother was like that too then I heard something very strange. Someone said, "He'll calm down when he gets to school, like his brother did." OMG! Isn't it usually the opposite? You send your good little boys and girls to school and they come home with worse habits? Something is very wrong here.

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