Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunburn relief recommendations? Anybody?

I use Noxema on my sunburns. It helps to some how draw out the heat and soothe and moisturize. Although it is so "cold" at times, it's quite painful to apply. After you apply it as a thick layer all over the red parts, you should let it soak in a bit and then you can put your shirt down over it. Sure it sticks a little but it also comes off *relatively* easy. It eventually dries and you can reapply it. Just try not to put it on so thick where it might show, otherwise you look like a greasy person under your gross! So I was wondering what you all use to soothe or medicate a bad sunburn? Sunburn relief recommendations? Anybody?

I'm all out of Noxema and some other household items, but I'm kinda broke for the next 2-3 weeks, I sure wish I had some Target coupons!


Anna said...

A doctor friend of ours says to take aspirin. I can't remember the reasoning - besides pain relief, of course.

I just looked it up. It reduces inflammation. However, it's supposed to be taken within 24 hours of getting sunburned.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, there's nothing better than pure aloe or an aloe-based jelly. You can either cut an aloe plant open or (more conveniently) you can get it in plenty of brands at the drugstore. I think mine is Banana Boat brand, it's green and jelly-like. Takes the burn away immediately. Keep applying it as your pain dictates.

Irie Star said...

Organic Aloe is fabulous. You want to make sure and purchase organic if possible. I have heard from my Aloe supplier than many companies are basically using water with a few of Aloe's components thrown in to minimize cost and then calling it Aloe. If you have access to fresh leaf aloe from a plant at home that is great, but I definitely recommend some stuff called SkinGel - it is sold at Whole Foods usually and it is paraben-free and has many other vitamins and extracts in it.
Making a Chamomile Bath Tea and soaking in it for a while once it cools would be fabulous too - Chamomile is anti-inflammatory. Helichrysum is an essential oil that is known for regeneration. It isn't cheap, but has been known to fade scars significantly and is otherwise known as Immortelle. (immortal) You could put some Helichrysum into a little jojoba oil and rub that on after a bath. Obviously prevention is the best medicine so slather on that sunscreen! ;)