Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation thoughts

It's that time again, when I begin to get a little bored of the city and long to venture out into this beautiful land God gave us. I have always loved to travel. Even if I don't have much money to make it happen, a simple trip with cheap hotels and plenty of sight seeing is better than nothing!

So I've been pondering some possible vacation destinations. Obviously the high price of gas will factor in. I'm longing to make a trip to Maryland but my friends who live there are still in England and after they return will be making a trip here sometime around the holidays. So I'll need to postpone that trip until next year.

Any suggestions for short inexpensive trips from the St. Louis, MO area?


Tina Kubaka said...

Most of my short, inexpensive trips are to St Louis. I'm no help.

the teach said...

Hi Becca, just saying hello. I can't help with vacations from the St. Louis Mo area... Hope you find a place to vacation in and enjoy it! :)

Shannon H. said...

I didn't know you live in the St. Louis area :) I am in Missouri also - Born and raised in Missouri and I currently live in the Fort Leonard Wood area.

Have you thought about going to Branson or the Lake of the Ozarks?

Annie said...

the train! take the train! i live in st. louie. Last year my husband and I hopped on the amtrack to Kansas City for our anniversary. It was so nice; no mapping, fueling, driving. Just relaxing. Take your own snacks though... train food is not so good. The train goes further than KC, of course, so you could alway hit somewhere like Chicago. There are amtrack stations in Kirkwood and Washington.