Friday, June 13, 2008

The long way around

From time to time I have one of those moments when I realize I took the long way around the block. When you realize you made something harder on yourself than it had to be, it's aggravating to discover you've wasted your time. No, not like trying to determine if Phentermine is a popular diet pill, this time I'm talking about wallflowers. No, not the band, the fragrant bulbs you plug in to an outlet that wonderfully scent your room for a few weeks.

A friend gave me one to try and I really enjoyed it...while it lasted. Now it's time to go in search of refills. Here's where my thought process takes off: My first thought was to try Ebay. Why not? I love Ebay! It's a great place to find all sorts of great bargains, right? Well after much searching, I decided that there are way too many scents to choose from. The Ebay market is flooded with all varieties and options. They tend to be less expensive if you buy in bulk, but for the most part, if you haven't tried the different scents, how would you know which ones best fit your likes? I mean, you are committing to buy something based on the scent it gives off and how do you know if you can even stand to be around it? 2 word scent titles can be misleading.

Following the thought process leads me to this bright idea: If only I could sniff a sample to know if I like some of them! So I decided to look on their website to see if they offered any descriptions of the different scents. Well, as soon as I hit the Bath and Body website, I saw that they were having a sale! Hmm!!! Next thought: I see they are out of stock on a couple of the scents I was considering, so I decided to look up a local store and call to see if they had them. Final thought: After 1 phone call, I discovered that I can buy them locally and more important, the store will have samples I can sniff! I could get everything I need for less than Ebay or purchasing from their website, plus, no shipping! Now why didn't it just occur to me to find a local store before going through all that online drama? Duh, Beck! What a waste of time.

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