Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Weekend: The Ugly (Part 3 of 3)

"The Ugly"

There were some 'ugly' things that happened on this weekend as well. No, I'm not talking about encountering trannies in corsets, although that would be ugly! I'm talking about what happened as a result of going down to my dad's. It never fails, *something* always happens at home when you are out of town!

Sure enough, when I got back to my phone that I had accidentally left in my car during the time we were watching the movie, I had a missed call from my cousin who is 2 days overdue for having her baby! She left me a message to let me know they had the baby a couple of hours ago!

Awwww man! I missed it!? I was soooo disappointed. Although the more I thought about it, I realized they hadn't called me early enough that I could have been in the waiting room anyway! They called me 2 hours after the baby was born. :( Good for them, bad for me.

I called her back and got the update. It's a boy!!!!

His nickname is "DJ" and he was 22" long and weighed 8 lbs and 12 oz. She said there were some complications but everything is fine now. I congratulated them both. I'm so happy about the baby being born now but still disappointed I missed the event. Even if I was at home, I still would not have know, although I most likely would have called to check up on her and found out that way...possibly.

The ugliest result from this weekend had yet to be told. While I was on the boat with my dad, I realized that I was probably going to get a pretty good sunburn because I hadn't put on any sunblock, even though I had gone out of my way on Sat. to buy more and, AND had it with me in my bag on the boat! Duh, Beck!!! So the ugliest of uglies is that I now am suffering from a very bad sunburn. It's deep, people, it's real deep.

DJ's mom and dad have decided not to allow any photos of him on the internet so I had to crop him out of this photo, but here is a pic of me and my sunburn. Ouchie!!!!!

It doesn't help that I have a red top on, but you can still tell the difference in my coloring where the burn stops LOL It's my own fault!!! This is Ugly, for sure! Even now, 3 days later, I can hardly bare for my mom to put medicine on my back. I am going to be blistered and peeling, trust me, UGLY for sure!!! I can't believe I even had it with me and still didn't use my sunblock!

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