Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

No not from a dose of progesterone cream, from potato chips, believe it or not! My mom picked up some chips at Aldi's for a party and brought the left overs to work. They are whole grain white corn tortilla chips with Asiago cheese.

Sounds mild enough, right? NOT! They are HOT, HOT, HOT! At first I was so thrown by the heat that was 'supposed' to be cheese, I didn't like them. But then I decided to think of them like the hot corn chips I used to get in 8th grade and now I love em'! Does anyone else remember the ones that were rectangle shaped, I believe the bag had a Mexican guy or a Hill Billy guy laying down or something. Anyway, at first they were hot, then you'd get used to the heat and want more and then near the end of the bag, you'd panic because you remember that the real burn comes after you stop eating them! Man, I loved those hot corn chips! I can't find those exact ones anywhere. Well, these are a good substitution. Crunch on, friends!

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