Thursday, December 25, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

We had great weather here in St. Louis for the Christmas holiday. We had a wonderful day visiting with family. I think despite the state of our economy these days, people have been getting quite creative with their gift giving. You'd be surprised how sentimental gifts like dad's old basketball trophies and a photo of him in uniform will really tug at your heart strings.

For me this year, all I wanted for Christmas was to come home to discover my cat had finally eaten some food. I have 2 cats and the youngest one (now 14 years old) PJ, was recently diagnosed with feline diabetes and kidney disease. Right now both are out of control but we have started him on twice a day insulin injections. Yesterday was the first day, last night was the first dose I gave him at home and I know he didn't get all of it because I pulled away before I finished pushing the meds and when I rubbed the spot, it was wet.

Basically he has been drinking more and not eating much and so on. I happened to notice he hadn't eaten much since yesterday and I know I can't keep giving him the shots of insulin if he isn't eating. I locked him in the bathroom with running water, his food dish, his litter box and a bed near the radiator. I felt a bit sad about leaving him in there as if he were in trouble but honestly, I had to know if and how much he had eaten. If I left him and his food out, the other cat could have eaten some and I wouldn't know for sure about his intake so I had to do it.

All I wanted for Christmas was to come home and find his bowl partially eaten. My Christmas wish came true :)


forgetfulone said...

I'm so glad your wish came true. What a beautiful cat.

Phoenix said...

Awwww I am so glad he ate something, I am sending him get well ((((vibes)))! What beautiful kitty!