Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wanna get away? Me too, here's the scoop!

Only 5 days left until I'm outta here for a few days! I'm going Eastward to visit some friends and then ride back to St. Louis for them to visit here. I am planning to leave on Tuesday, flying out to Baltimore, Md. On my first full day there, depending on weather, I'm hopefully going to drop off my friend at her office, park at a train station, connect with the metro and then on into DC for a couple of museums. The first one would be the National Museum of the American Indian:

On a leisure drive through DC about 3 1/2 years ago with a friend, we drove past this beautiful organic building amidst the gray granite and marble government buildings near the Capital. It's sandstone walls seem to ungulate in contrast to everything around it. Upon inspection of the NMAI website, my anticipation grows! It has 4 levels and 2 theaters and lots of exhibits to take in. I am told that I have Cherokee Indian in my heritage, although it would be distant, I have always had an affection for American Indian culture and traditions. I'm very much looking forward to this experience.

The second one I'd like to see in DC is the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. This is right up my alley!

The NMCP website describes how the museum shows us the history of everything 'crime' from medieval knights and pirates to modern day serial killers and computer hackers! They also cover punishments, crime fighting, csi topics, the actual America's Most Wanted studio and many fun interactives from police line ups to high speed chase simulators, FBI shooting ranges to an autopsy for those of us who are forensically intrigued. You can even have your child fingerprinted for real!!!

*If* I can fit both of these museums into 1 single day spent in DC, I plan to spend day 2 of my trip more leisurely in B'more. I'd love to visit Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes at the home of Charm City Cakes. What a photo op that will be, even if I don't go inside and disturb them (I'd hate for Jeff or Duff to throw me out!) I can still go by there and snap off a couple of photos for myself and get a feel for it. *Hey, Mary Alice, if you're reading this, let me know if it's ok to stop by next Wed. Dec. 17th or Thur. Dec. 18th :)*

Next, I've discovered there's an Ikea store in B'more! Hello, I would love to wander around there for a couple of hours or so....I have a feeling I could get into much trouble there though LOL

The last couple of days will be spent driving to St. Louis, Missouri from Maryland with my friend so she can have a visit here. We plan to stop in Cincinnati overnight enjoying a short trip to the Creation Museum. I can't wait!! I've wanted to go to there since I heard about it the first time! What a privilege to be visiting during the Christmas season, too. They have a free live nativity from Dec. 12, 08 - Jan. 4, 09 called 'Bethlehem's Blessings'. I'll take lots of pics and give a full report when I get home. Pray for good weather for the trip to and from. I'll keep you updated and I'll try to post here while I'm gone too.

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Have a safe trip! And have some fun!