Friday, December 05, 2008

'If money were no object' shopping

Ah yes, holiday shopping is here again. I really dislike how commercialized and consumer oriented the holiday season has become. I feel like we have lost sight of traditions and the pure enjoyment of the magical season by stressing out about what to purchase for people that we can afford on our budgets. If it's true that "It's the thought that counts." Let me be the first one this year to pick out some gifts from my heart and not my wallet. If money were no object, I'd start off with this:

My nephew is crazy about some super heroes and Star Wars and he also loves fish! What could be better than his very own 1.8 gallon R2-D2 interactive aquarium that buzzes like R2, has a rotating head at voice commands, a motion sensitive light, secret feeding compartment, filter and has a real working periscope to enjoy the underwater inhabitants!? I'd definitely get him one.

For my mom, a house of her very own, in a safe place, that is all one level so she doesn't have to do stairs with her knees hurting her. For my friend, some fine corsets to celebrate her new body with her husband. For my boss, I'd get him a paid vacation to somewhere he can't take work with him. He needs a break, 21/7 year after year after year is about to kill him. That would not be good for me or my mom or him or his family either, I suppose. Anyway, I could go on and on. It's fun shopping when all you have to do is consider the person and not your budget! So, there are my thoughts, sorry I didn't wrap them this year but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Ok, back to reality now.


the blogger said...

wow - that aquarium is awesome. Of course my kids would probably break it trying to take it apart to see how it works

Phoenix said...

I love the Aquarium that is awesome!! :)

boliyou said...

Love it! There's a DVD player/projector that I want to get for my house, too.