Thursday, September 06, 2007

Change of address

I have been considering for a while now, getting my own domain. I don't think it will be a bad move, but am just very nervous about it. I don't really want to lose my PR1 I've built up here, don't really want to lose my Alexa ranking I've gotten either. I really don't want to lose all my wonderful content either! HELP!!

So I ask all of you, have you ever gone from Blogspot or another free host to your own domain? How was the transition for you? Did you lose your content? What hosting companies do you like best? I am looking for any and all advice on this subject, I think I really want to make a move soon. They just finished a Google PR update so I will have the next 2 months or so to start to build it up before the next reviews.

Please leave some advice in the form of comments...thanks, I really appreciate it!


Annoyed said...

I have a journalspace blog that I still write in occasionally, but since I was doing so much paid posting, I decided to get my own domain. Conversion wasn't really an issue for me since when you are doing PPP, you can't move content from one blog to another.

I am with Yahoo! right now, but I have also heard really good things about BlueHost and I think they are cheaper than Yahoo.

As far as PR/Alexa, sign up on as many blogrolls as you can, and also visit the PPP message board. I think there is a thread with suggestions for building your PR and Alexa rating. Since Google just did an update, you will have plenty of time before their next update to build everything up.

I'm not doing much paid posting anymore - I kind of got burnt out - but maybe I'll start up again around Christmas.

Good luck!

BeccaGirl said...

This is great, thanks for offering the info! I'm still looking into it and still open for suggestions!

ruther said...

Just like you, my blog is from blogger and I am now thinking of getting my own domain and having paid posting. :)