Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm disappointed today...

Well, 2 things happened today that made me disappointed. Of course they are not the 'end of the world' type deals, but still.

Ok, the first one is that I lost my favorite tweezers. Now that might not sound like much to you, especially if you are male, but for a woman who needs to tweeze and is highly picky about the quality of the tweezers, this is a big deal. It's my own fault too, so let this be a lesson to me.

Here, let me explain. See I bought this nice new travel purse made by Travelon to take on my trip. I am using it now in an effort to get accustomed to using it, that way I will be very comfortable with it's ins and outs. It happens to have a zippered pocket on the inside of the big flap that when it's in it's resting place, the zipper is toward the ground. Therefore, anything inside the pocket can slip out if the zipper is not closed before getting out of the car and walking into the store. UGH! I opened the zipper to get out a bead bracelet I put in there, slid it onto my wrist and then hurriedly jumped out of the car and into the store. I noticed much later in the day that the zipper was open and the pocket was empty. Not only did I lose my favorite tweezers, but also lost was my travel nail kit and a couple of hair ties. I really hope that's all that was in that pocket!

The second thing that disappointed me today was the low turn out for my At Home America party! I had several more yeses that simply never showed up. I had a few who called at least. There were literally 3 people from my invitation list of over 40!! 2 of those brought a guest with them that had not been invited by me, so that helped. I have a few outside orders to still collect, but I am disappointed. It's a lot of work to put on a party, there's food, drinks, plates, cups, napkins, gifts and let's not even begin to talk about the cleaning! It's frustrating....I told my friend Jen, "It sucks because I did all that work, just like her other hostesses did for their parties but don't get all the benefits." I think I will do good to earn enough free product to repay myself for what I've spent on the food and plates. I think I remember saying this the last time, NO MORE PARTIES FOR ME! I should do like my cousin Misty and ban them altogether LOL

And I'm so tired, I'd love to jet off to somewhere for a wonderful relaxing break, like renting one of those Las Vegas luxury homes! I can see it now, comfort and class and relaxation! I'm so tired from getting everything done, I deserve it!

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Alison said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your party. I've had a couple parties myself (Party Lite, Premiere Designs, and Creative Memories). After each one I told myself I wouldn't do that again. The CM party was actually the best, but it was the last I hosted. Just because, like you said they are a lot of work. Sure you get free things (if you have enough orders), but are those things truly worth it? I also don't like to attend parties because it's so hard for me to say "no" that I usually end up hosting one myself. Just keep thinking about that vacation, girl!! You do deserve it!! :)