Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shopping for a 1 year old

As soon as I get back from my vacation, I will be excited to see my 'nephew' turn 1. This will be extra fun for me because I was privileged enough to be asked to witness his birth! It was so awesome and breath taking, I just fell in love with him right away. I mean, it was sorta hard to see his little face through all the joyful tears, but I was so happy to meet him! I had spent alot of time with his momma during her pregnancy and we grew alot closer as friends during this time. She also helped me through some hard times I was having by always being a good listener and actually trying to understand where I was coming from. That means so much to me!

I remember one day, right towards the end of her pregnancy, I was sitting a few feet away from her while she was laying on the couch. That baby in her belly was just flip floppin' and tossing and turning and doing aerobics! I told her that I didn't know how anyone could ever get any rest with all that flip flopping going on inside their body! Remember, I've never been pregnant. I told that baby if he didn't give mom a rest and knock it off, he was grounded! LOL

So, I've got to watch him growing and changing this year. They certainly do go through alot of changes in their first year. He's been walking for about a month now, and I can still remember seeing him let go and take off that first time. So precious!!!!

His birthday party will be just a couple of weeks after I get back, so I need to be thinking about his present. I mean, it's his first birthday so I wouldn't expect him to really know what's going on but I still want to get him something fun. I love to get things that are sentimental, but with boys, it's usually better to get like RC cars or trucks are popular gifts. Except this is his first birthday, I can still get away with learning toys too. Any suggestions??


Alison said...

You know I'm a fan of educational toys! In fact, once a lady I worked with while in college said to me "Alison, you know they can have more than just educational stuff - I mean it is Christmas!" Oh well, I guess that's the teacher in me. I love any of the Leap Frog toys because (you guessed it) they are educational!!! I'm sure he will love whatever his aunt gets him!!!

Skittles said...

Get him something age appropriate. So many people try to make children grow up too fast. Let him be a baby for a little while longer. :)

tegdirb92 said...

My baby girl is turning one tomorrow---WAHHH. Happy Birthday to your nephew :)