Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ever feel like you just don't belong here?

So, tonight I went to the mall. Now, you must realize that I'm not really the mall type. I don't have anything against malls in general, I think it's great to have a bunch of stores all in one place for crying out loud! But on certain days of the week, mainly the weekend days, average age level drops amongst the population there.

That being said, I'm glad the teenagers can still enjoy themselves congregating at the mall and eye balling passers by trying to look attractive. The mall is to a 15 year old what a bar is to a 22 year old. Anyway...I realize I'm on their turf, but hey, I like to shop too. And really, if it weren't for their parent's credit cards, they couldn't afford to actually shop at a mall anyway. But I digress.

My point is, and yes, I do have one, the mall is full of different kinds of stores. Layne Bryant, for one, is right up my alley. Nice quality clothes with style and class.

Deb, on the other hand, I felt as if I really didn't belong. The style (and quality) of clothing were on a different and might I add younger level than my taste. I only went in to look for a brown crop sweater to go with a dress I just bought. It felt like I was on some other planet. None of the sales people acknowledged me. I actually made several rounds looking for help without being noticed. I spotted a group of female employees and stood by the fitting rooms while they chatted. After they split up, I walked up to the counter and waited while 2 of them carried on an entire conversation without even so much as being looked at!

I'm not sure if I'm worried more about the next generation that is so self centered they can't be bothered with serving others, or about an entire generation of people that don't care about receiving good customer service! I finally got a fitting room and was quite happy to pick up a new pair of brown and a pair of black goucho pants. I'd been looking for them and finally found them. I don't think I'll be shopping there again until (that is IF I even have one) my own daughter drags me there kicking and screaming. With poor service like that, I would be surprised to see that store survive until then. But if it does, maybe I'll be one of those parents who send their kids to the mall with my credit card. At least I won't have to go in! LOL

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