Thursday, September 06, 2007

For all you moms out there...

especially the ones with young children, don't forget to take pictures! I was talking earlier about digital cameras and how they are awesome these days with the better technology and features.

The problem is, and I hear this alot, 'I don't have time to snap photos! I'm too busy chasing after the kids.'

I hear you. I do! But I cannot stress to you enough to keep that camera handy around the house, throw it in the diaper bag. Make it a practice to capture those little fun times that make you smile. You will not regret it in the end!

And for all the scrapbooking moms out there (even if you haven't started scrapbooking yet, but would like to some day) I say once again, "You can't scrapbook it if you don't have pictures of it!" Mark my words....I've been preaching this so long, my friend Jen told me the other day, "My youngest one snuck off and I found him playing pee-a-boo in my shower! All I could think was Aunt Becca is gonna say, 'Why didn't you take pictures?' So I ran down the hall and grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of really cute pictures of it."


tegdirb92 said...

we try and keep the camera handy at all times but it's still difficult catching those special moments :)

Tina K said...

With my little niece, Aunt Tina is the one who usually takes the snapshots. While Mommy good about professional pictures a couple times a year.

I've started tossing it in my purse even if we are just hanging out at the house with her. I got some great shots of her a couple of weeks ago at St. Louis Children's Hospital (getting her cast off) and The Magic House. Because I'm not able to post pics of her on my blog per mommy request, I also got some non-people shots for future blog posts. Took almost 200 pics in one day. I love digital.