Saturday, September 08, 2007

I heart St. Louis, MO

Warning, nostalgic feelings are a stirrin'!
Maybe it's because I'm about to leave my fair city of birth, maybe it's because on my way home tonight, I caught a distant view of the Arch, or maybe it's just 'that time' of the month, but I'm feeling the love for my hometown. I have lived within an 8 mile radius for basically my entire life. I grew up in South City St. Louis, MO. Once on the phone with a potential new client at my office, the guy breaks out with, "You are from south city aren't you?" I answered "Why, yes, how could you tell?" He said we have a distinct sound. Well, I don't know about that, but there are a few tell tale signs that you are from St. Louis:
  • When you meet someone new, you always ask them "What high school did you go to?"
  • You know where both Ted Drewes' are.
  • You know what Ted Drewe's even is!
  • For vacation, you ask, "Do you want to go to Branson Missouri or Lake of the Ozarks?
  • You've had the pleasure of Hodak's chicken.
  • You crank up KShe 95 (or KMOX)
  • You are a die hard sports fan. I mean, hello, we have Pro Football, Major League Baseball and Pro Hockey!
  • You've partied one too many times on the riverfront or have said before, "What happens on the 'East Side', stays on the East Side!"

There's just something about going away and coming home to be greeted by that big beautiful Arch! It's almost comforting, you really know you are home when you see it again. I think it's sorta majestic, actually. It can be seen from many points of the city and counties for miles away. It's odd really, because when you are downtown looking at the arch, it seems as though there are alot of buildings around it. But if you can catch a glimpse of it from around town, it almost always appears to be standing alone. Very cool! I heart St. Louis, MO!

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