Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I left my heart in Firenze!!!

Well, we have come back now to England from Florence, Italy. It was a lot of fun and there is much to tell. There is so much in fact, I don't know if I will ever be able to stop talking about it, I loved it! There was laughter, there was much walking, there was great food, there was good times, there was drama, there was planes, trains and automobiles!!! I was not able to post anything while I was gone due to the fact that they didn't bring either one of their laptops...also there just was no downtime. I've been going going going for days...

There was also a wonderful surprise for me, for my birthday...a gift above all gifts. Something to last a lifetime! Sunday evening, my dear friend gave me a birthday card that said, "May the spirit of Tuscany remain in your heart...and in your kitchen. Surprise, you get to go on an Italian Immersion cooking class tomorrow!!!!" Later it was topped off with a bonus trip beforehand to the mercato centrale or 'Central Market' for a lesson in ingredients and such. That was my early Christmas present!

So, like I said, there's much to tell you and many, neigh, I say MANY pictures to show, I'm on like memory card number 3. The first 2 were 1GB cards and I'm most of the way through a 2 GB card and have another waiting after that! I caught this really great rainbow today from the sky. It was a circle rainbow, and the center had a shadow shaped like our airplane!!! I can't wait to show you all. Unfortunately, most of the museums and such would not allow photos of any kind so I had to take mental pictures in those cases. LOL

I did discover a beautiful painting at the Ufizzi Gallery called 'The Flea' that I thought looked alot like me. It's freaky, but sometimes, I find things that remind me of myself, and I like em'. If you are curious, since this isn't my computer and I have no idea how to copy and paste a link using a mac, do a google search for 'giuseppe maria crespi the flea' and then click on one of the links. There is a knock off site, don't see that one. This painting is also known as 'Rising from Bed'. Anyway, I thought it was sorta neat.

Also, one of the most impressive pieces I saw on that trip was 'David'. We went to the Acedemia and saw the real one. Man that thing is HUGE!!! I really was impressed by it. We also took a train into Pisa to see the leaning tower. Man, I can't wait to start telling you guys with pictures about everything!!

Thursday Poe and I are going to London, Friday is the castle feast and stayover and Sat I pack to come home on Sunday! It will be over very quickly...but for now, I must get sleep. I am exhausted, Mamma mia!!! Ciao!

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Alison said...

Becca! It is so great to hear about some of the experiences you've had so far on your trip! I anxiously await more stories and PICTURES!! I can't wait to hear more about the cooking class. What a fantastic birthday gift! Do you plan on sharing what you learn with the rest of us? I'm sure my husband would be grateful to have a new meal every once in awhile!! :) Enjoy these last few days, as I'm sure they are passing quickly. Time flies when you are having fun!