Monday, March 03, 2008

Give Me Five Monday Meme #16

Monday, March 3, 2008

The 'Give Me Five' Monday meme is designed to share fun information with each other in a simple short list! Here's how it works. Each week, I will put out a random topic from my list of topics and you share 5 answers of your choice on the given topic and link back here! You can add photos, links or stories or just a simple list of your own of 5 things that relate to the topic as it pertains to you and your life experiences. It doesn't have to be in any order of importance unless otherwise specified.
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Give Me Five links to your own past blog posts that are most memorable for you, and say why it stands out as a favorite. (in no particular order)

This an experiment in 'Self Link-Love'. If you could pick 5 posts to 're-post' which one's would it be? I'm sure there are more than 5 great memorable posts we have all poured our hearts into. This is a great way to go back and relive some of them! Dig an dig and see what you can come up with. Maybe you have favorites because of the memories they bring back up or because you can see how far you've grown or you'd just like to express again, a message that was important to you at a different time. Hopefully we all have new readers and this is a great opportunity to showcase some past posts they might also enjoy. Here are 5 of my favorites, I'm sure there would be more if I kept digging!

1. This world is not my home. I like this post because it's simple yet thought provoking. It expresses a message of perspective for me.

2. Share your prayer. This was a post I did for my church blog and then added it here. I would say this is one of my faves just because it was a creative idea the Lord gave me and I really enjoyed seeing it in print! I often have lots of great ideas that I never seem to get down on record LOL

3. European Vacation-Episode #2. I never did finish the series I started from my big vacation last year. I'm not 100% sure why, exactly. Maybe it had something to do with how much I put into each one, thus taking a long time to construct each post. Or perhaps it was just that I didn't feel there was much of a response from people I thought might comment yet didn't, making me think they didn't even come read any of it. I kept hearing, "I want to see your pictures!" from everyone...until I actually printed them. Now that I have them all in a book, no one takes the time to look....even those people who are closest to me. So I just stopped with it all. Maybe no one wants to hear about it or it's a reminder that they haven't gone on a vacation in a while. Whatever the case may be, it was huge in my life and that should count for something considering I'm supposed to jump through hoops and be excited when good things happen to other people, right? Anyway, I'm offering up this post as one of my favorites because it's just that, special to me.

4. Embrace my shape. Short but sweet, it's me sharing a personal realization.

5. Footprints in the carpet. This is a sweet post I just stumbled upon whilst looking back through my posts. See! Even I have forgotten about some of these great older posts, look at that baby!!!!! He's getting to be a big boy now! Bless his heart :)
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the teach said...

I like these Becca! Particularly beautiful photos! The baby is adorable! Happy GM5 Monday!

Skittles said...

I love me some babies!!!

Sending you an email..

Skittles said...

I did one.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've read and commented on all five of your favorite posts. Very enjoyable Becca. Have a great GM5. :)

bundle-o-contradictions said...

#4 spoke to me, but #3 made me sooooo jealous!!! I want so badly to go to England!

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Great Give Me 5, Becca! Loved #4 too!

Tammy said...

I'm sorry, but I only did it on one post not on five. Hopefully you'll understand when you see my post.

Kwizgiver said...

I enjoyed your five! Tough to choose my own...

Jean @ Penny Lane said...

I liked your five choices.
I enjoyed your trip entry the best only I would like to read the rest of those posts so where would I find them?

Some of your pictures don't show up for me.

forgetfulone said...

Great re-posted posts! I especially liked "ebrace your shape." Happy Monday!

Phoenix said...

Hi Becca! :) I really liked this week's Give Me Five! I enjoyed reading Embrace your space reminded me of what I need to do! lol

Tina Kubala said...

Great topic. I love when it's all about me ;-)

Karen Bastille said...

What a lovely meme, Becca. I'm sorry I'm late (not a good first impression, I'm afraid) but your favorite posts were an inspiration and those pictures...
Thanks for having me.

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Hi Becca! Hope you're having a wonderful day! I've tagged you for a link meme! If you'd like to participate, check out "The Domino Effect".

Tina Kubala said...

Becca is such an awesome blogger pal, I thought I'd link to her on her own blog. This time, it's my link.