Friday, March 14, 2008

Croc Flat Iron Review

If you are like me and have curly and/or wavy hair, you probably already know what flat irons are. I have one at home already that is, well, let's just say it's a cheapy that I could afford at the time. I recently ordered the Turbo Ion's Croc flat iron. When it arrived in the mail, I was so excited! I took it home that night and could hardly wait to try it out the next morning!

Who knew there were so many different flat irons out there anyway! They all seem to be special in one way or another. Some are metal some are ceramic. Some are for wet to dry styling, some work only on dry hair. I always start the day with towel dried hair after shampooing and conditioning during my shower. With my old flat iron, I had to blow dry my hair and then use the flat iron to style it just so. This gets to be time consuming. I like being able to complete 2 tasks in one going from towel dried hair to dry and styled at the same time.

My new Croc flat iron came with directions for the temperature settings for my specific type of hair and styling method as well as information assuring me that the loss of moisture during the damp to dry process doesn't mean my hair is being damaged.

A little better explanation from the website explains it like this:
This iron features a patent pending, built-in turbo ion generator. This generator emits 5 million negative ions per square centimeter. Ceramic plates generate 6 times more ions then metal irons, and seal the cuticles of hair to prevent split ends, reduce frizz and retain hair's natural moisture, oil and color. Its top-of-the-line ceramic heating element allows for quick heating, quick cooling and an even distribution of heat across the plates.
The iron heats up in just a few seconds, you can watch the temperature go up, up, up on it's digital display! The temperature settings go up to 430 F, I find that 340 F is a good setting for me. I've also noticed that it maintains your desired level of temperature as you use it, unlike some that cool off as you are waving it around and with repeated strokes.

It's a big time saver and the 1.5" flat plates help in that matter as well. The plates line up well too, as I've encountered others that hit first at the end leaving less pressure to the inside of the plates against your hair. Actually, my old cheapy one at home tends to pull individual hairs in that section, so I have to be careful not to get too close to that part of the plates.

The iron has a nice 8' long swiveled cord and is light weight, about 12 oz (according to the website). Which is nice with my carpal tunnel these days. The Nano silver coated dual cover keeps the temperature of the handle to a minimum and has grips for ease of use and safety. All in all, this has been a really great experience! I look forward to many happy hair styles made easier by this opportunity! The Croc Ion flat iron has made a spectacular addition to my arsenal of hair care accoutrement. Thank you, Misikko!


Anonymous said...

that is awesome, wanted to see what others thought before I spend the money for me one too!! Thanks for writing a review!

BeccaGirl said...

You're welcome. I wrote this post a year ago but I still love this Croc flat iron!

Anonymous said...

I also bought a Croc flat iron. I paid about $130 for it. My hair is fine and just starting to touch my shoulders (growing it out). I did try some cheap retail flat irons and figured if I wanted to keep my hair in good condition, I had to pay more. I haven't had it too long, but I just love my Croc flat iron. The salon where I bought it said, if I broke it (within reason) they would just give me another one. I looked into buying some other brands, but their prices were even higher. I like that it is digital, so I can monitor the temperature for my fine hair. I use 280 degrees for my hair, but I believe it goes to 400 or maybe alittle more. I would definitely recommend this flat iron for any type of hair.