Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garage sale update!

I'm working today but my friends are having a garage sale! Normally I enjoy spending the night and bringing all my junk and participating in the garage sale because I don't have a yard or garage in which to conduct one of my own where I live. I love garage and yard sales, having them and going to them. I always have, since before I was old enough to walk, I was going to them. My mom would drag along behind us, one of those metal carts with wheels like you used to see old ladies dragging along behind them. She'd bring that and we'd make our rounds through the surrounding neighborhoods on Sat. morning leaving no sale unvisited! She might only have had $3 or $4 but we would always find treasures!!

So, being that there are only 3 Saturdays before the dreaded tax deadline, I must be at work this time. My friends were gracious enough to allow me to come out Friday evening and drop off some bigger items I had ready to sell in exchange for the few tables I have to offer and some help setting things up, which I am happy to help with! I mean, I don't have any Hansgrohe faucets but I do have an older 19" color tv for $10.00, a practically new Chefmate 2 lb. loaf bread maker with books for $5.00 and an older style 3 pc. set of luggage in great shape for $5.00 along with a couple other smaller odds n' ends. She just called with an update! So far, they have sold the TV and bread maker and a couple of little items for a total of $15.75 for me, yay!!! If you haven't had a yard sale or garage sale in a long time, do it! It's a great way to downsize clutter and increase mad cash :)


forgetfulone said...

I like garage sales, and it's always nice to make some extra cash!

Misty Dawn said...

I love garage sales too! I love going to them AND having them!