Friday, March 07, 2008

Ooo baby video rebuttal.

Misty has brought out a great point. I have not explained my issues with the 'Ooo baby' video on YouTube as presented by Barb over at Skittle's Place. I didn't think it was appropriate to get that deep on someone else's blog. But this being my blog, I think I'll take a couple of minutes to explain. It is with love and reverence in my heart that I write this rebuttal.

In today's existential world of everything coming from yourself, and all this 'positive thinking will do the trick' mentality, the world is so far from seeing they need Christ in their lives that they are easily impressed with a mesh of images and words giving false hope and pressure to think that they can make a change in this world if they only have enough hope and love and wish for it.

The video starts off by saying, "Every single person has wished for something more." I couldn't agree more. The problem is that most people miss the mark and look to other people or society or laws or pleasures to complete that hole inside them. Next the video asks you what is your wish? Food? Shelter? Love? Hate? Then it goes on to say that "There is always more. It's what we strive for." What? More of what? "More is not a mere word. It's an ideology." Ok, this I can agree with.

Then it goes on to show a shot of the first airplane back in the day and next a shot of a man on the moon. Followed up by saying "We have accomplished so much. In such a short time." Next it shows some images of violent crimes and a child with a gun around his neck, ground zero...all the while saying "But we seem so determined to bring it all down." Making it sound like we didn't 'wish' hard enough to keep these people from acting out in these ways.

"We have so many questions. And very few answers." I agree with the first 1/2 of that statement. I don't feel like people are asking their questions to the right resources. Consult a bible once in a while. All the answers we need are right there, in print, just waiting for us to seek it out.

"With time and love and hope..." (as it shows a photo of the earth) "We can accomplish anything." Wow!!!

Here in lies my biggest issues with this video. Are people so far removed from God that they think they are capable of anything? Since when does time *do* anything to get accomplished? Since when does love *do* anything? It's a feeling after all, am I missing something? And this idea of hope?! Unless hope is directed toward Christ, it's empty. There is only hope in Christ. 'In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my rock my strength my song.' In whom or what are people wishing on? Where are they seeking hope? The earth isn't capable of supplying any payment of accomplishment of hope. The earth, being itself created by God, does what God tells it to do. It's foolishness to think there is hope in this earth. God doesn't have a plan B. He's still on track with plan A and it's up to us to find out what that plan is! If anyone has hope that they can make it through this life with happiness and health and wealth and good fortune all the days. I feel terribly sad for people who seek this life here with no regard for eternal destinations and retributions.

The video goes on to say "The time is ours. Right now we can make a change." Ok, I agree with that, but they aren't trying to get us to change towards Christ, but to some power we can see in ourselves. I'm afraid that is fruitless as well.

"The world is beautiful. And is capable of beautiful creations." Ok, let me just add this in right here. The world maybe be beautiful, but it, like us and everything in it and on it were created by God from His perfect will. So saying that 'the world' creates beauty is also trying to take away from the fact that God created everything.

"It shall no longer be a simple hope. It shall become our duty. A duty to ensure the safety and happiness of our children. And for future generations to come. Change can be difficult when you're comfortable. But who can say they are truly comfortable when there is so much more? Every single person, past and present has wished for something more. What was your wish?"

This video has sparked a wonder in your mind about what you want to pass on to your kids and what are you doing with your life. But it is not a call to salvation or to seek God's will for your life. God's plan for us is so much more than we could ever imagine for ourselves. This video feeds the secular ideas that we can get along great by wishing big broad beautiful loving wishes for people in bad times, but they are empty wishes if they are not routed in God's will. This fluffy video does nothing to glorify God and actually reinforces the ideas that are popular right now that say we are capable and there's no need to look to God...that we can change things and making this world a better place for ourselves and the next ones to come. If we don't seek God first, all of our efforts are empty. The best thing we can do for ourselves, our children and any future generations is to give them a firm foundation in God and seek Christ for our own lives. Look into it! See if you can find out why God chose you to be here and be brought through your particular life into this place. What future does God have in mind for you?

If God's not in it, it's worthless and fruitless and not unlike the serpent in the garden who changed one word and lead a girl's thoughts away from God's will for her life. Your decisions affect more than just you. You have a choice to believe you are capable of accomplishing change of grandeur or seeking to discover how God wants to use you to make changes that He is making.

God has no plan B.


crunchy carpets said...

But see...that is your opinion.
And belief...YOURS and your alone.

It is insulting to all the rest of the world who do not believe in your version of a Christian god.

To blame the rest of the world because they don't believe in your god is simplistic and arrogant.

But that is just MY opinion.

BeccaGirl said...

Crunchy carpets, this is why I didn't post it over on Barb's post. But given the fact that people were not understanding why some were not liking the video when it seems so happy and hopeful.....that's why I posted this here. This is my platform. I didn't want to get into a theological debate there or here for that matter, but I would like a chance to refute your comments left here on my blog.

These are my opinions from what I've studied and learned and are shared by many, many other people-passed and present. So it's kinda wrong to say that I am alone in my beliefs. You called me 'insulting, simplistic and arrogant' and say that I 'blame the rest of the world.' At no time did I say the words 'the world is to blame...'

Conviction comes in many forms, it's not my job to convict the people of the world. When presented with the truth, everyone has a decision to make. It's not my place to blame, judge or make assumptions about the intent of other people. It is, however, my place as a believer, to put forth the truth when called upon and stand up for it because it is the truth. This is my platform for doing just that. My beliefs are not up for debate here.

It is very 'simplistic and arrogant' of you to say to me that I am alone in my beliefs against 'the rest of the world who do not believe in this version of the Christian God.' You are assuming everyone else in the world has a lack of belief like you? That is not true at all. Many people believe in many gods and some believe in the one true God and some don't believe in any gods or God at all!

This is my platform. I will present the truth as I see it and it is not up for debate.

Skittles said...


Believe me the last thing I wanted to do by posted that video was to create drama. I certainly have enough of that in my life already which brings me to the point of why I DID post it.

I found the song to be a song I remembered from my earlier years, one I could relate to. I still can in fact. The words that were added to it also helped me see that we are not stuck in bad places all the time, there there is indeed hope.

I did not single you out to watch it. I did not title my post "For Becca." I admit to going to some of my favorite bloggers and spamming them with a message that I'd found something I wanted to share.

Nowhere in the video did I see anything pointing to not trusting God. No, it wasn't a Christian video per se. But to me, it did represent the fact that we can all make changes for the better. There are a LOT of people who affect changes through prayer. There are some that do not.

You say "Since when does love *do* anything?" Why Becca.. doesn't the bible preach about love?

I hope we can put this to rest now.

BeccaGirl said...

Heya Barb!

Well, I'm not upset by any of it, I sure hope you aren't either! LOL

It helps to know about your thoughts on posting the video and that you commented over here, like you said, spamming to drive some traffic to something you found very interesting.

I am merely trying to show that things like this are fueling the drive away from God by not giving credit where credit is due.

Now, about the bible 'preaching'. Men preach from the bible, the bible doesn't *do* anything. Yes, the bible says many things about love. The love between men and women, the love between parents and children, the love of God to man. It says many things about love, but simply having love for/with someone doesn't fix any problems. I'm not saying 'don't love each other' LOL As a matter of fact, if it weren't for the love that God has for us, we wouldn't have any hope at all!

I can express all the love I have in my capabilities for someone else, but if they are dieing of an inoperable disease right in front of me, how does 'love' fix that problem? No, love doesn't *do* anything, it's an emotion. Having faith in the One who can fix problems and yes, praying about it and loving Him is all we can *do*.

It's really quite simple and everyone wants to get all worked up about it. I understand there's always opposition or conflict when presenting ideas that are not shared by other people. I don't have a problem with it. I am secure and safe in my feelings and beliefs so I don't have any worries when people bring up other issues.

It's not my place to make decisions for other people. Like I said before, it is my place to use my platform to share things the way I feel I am lead to according to my understanding.

I don't have any hurt feelings about any of it, it's a healthy discussion as far as I can see! Every new comment brings a new opportunity to share what I've learned or how I feel. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so whenever I can.


NuttyGal said...

Different people have different truths, shouldn't we respect and tolerate those who follow different paths of faith and just affirm the essential unity of humankind and of creation.

I would never underestimate the power of love, I don't think love is just an emotion cos you can hand it out, give it to people - love DOES :o) and life without HOPE, well I just can't imagine. Is it not a good thing that people strive to make this world a better place?

This is all said with a warm heart and I don't mean to offend :o) x

BeccaGirl said...

Oh, no, girl! No offense taken here at all. I realize everyone has different beliefs.

Toleration is big these days.

Look, if I took only what I wanted out of the bible and applied it to what I feel most comfortable with, what strength would I gain from that?

Jeffery Daumer (sp?) liked to seduce young men and then kill them and eat them. Well, eat parts of them. At any rate, he felt this was ok to do. This was his truth. Should we tolerate that? So many people bomb innocent people for the sake of their truths. If we tolerate a little, we have to tolerate everything. If something is the truth, it is 100% the truth. But if it has any and I mean ANY falsehood, it is entirely false. That's basic mathmatics LOL

You can't just sin a little here and there and act like it doesn't count.

When you eat cake, does your body not count the calories just because you are currently "on a diet"?

The bible teaches that we are to stand up for the truth. That doesn't mean twist it around until it makes everyone happy. Because then, it is no longer truth. These aren't my rules, peeps LOL

As far as hope is concerned, I for one, couldn't make it without having hope! I merely questioned what the video's hope was based on. Since it was displayed over a photo of the earth and never mentioned God at all. Then later, I took it a step further by saying if our hope lies in anything other than God, it's empty.

Like I said, this is all healthy discussion. These are really great points being brought up and I for one am happy for yet another opportunity to expound on them.

I have to admit, I don't really understand what you mean by "affirm the essential unity of humankind and of creation." So I don't feel comfortable commenting on that one. Perhaps a little clarity would help there.

And lastly, "Is it not a good thing that people strive to make this world a better place?" Sure it's a good thing that people try to make the world a better place! I don't recall saying the contrary, actually. I only concerned with their motives. For if the life you have in this world is your only goal, then the best day you ever have will be here on this earth-eternity for you will be a wake up call like you can not imagine. I am more concerned that people sometimes live their lives as if there isn't eternal consequences. As far as making this world a better place, the best way I can do that is to equip myself with the armor of God and stand up for the truth and let His love flow through me. I am incapable of the love He can express through me.

This is fun! :)

NuttyGal said...

Hiya :o)

When I said affirm the essential unity of humankind and of creation, I just mean that people in general should unite as we are all human. We don't all have to believe the same things or have the same faith but we can all come together and give praise for the beautiful world we live in, however each person believes it was created, we can all be thankful.

I don't think we should tolerate anything that hurts other people. Those people that blow people up in the name of their truth are just wrong but there are thousands of good people who have different faiths out there who will get to see their god when they pass to the other side. To be honest I don't feel comfortable with the word TRUTH - it is one that has bugged me for years.

I wrote this a while back:

I have been to church since writing my thoughts and the minister is coming to my house on Sunday to discuss a naming ceremony. I guess I am still on my journey so maybe that's why I don't understand your truth :o)

Thanks for taking the time to chat :o)

It is bedtime over here in England so off i go XX

BeccaGirl said...

..."we can all come together and give praise for the beautiful world we live in, however each person believes it was created, we can all be thankful."

There in lies the problem. Give praise to whom? Until the day God has chosen, there will never be a time when everyone gets together and praises together because we all disagree who to direct our praise towards. Similar branches of the same religions disagree enough to cause a separation. There are too many tolerated ideas of gods and God to come together in praise or worship peacefully. It's kind of a waste of time to 'hope' for it and 'wish' for it. The bible doesn't sy that's what's in the future. It will never happen like that.

You owe it to yourself to get a good study bible and seek the truth for yourself. If you have a problem with truth, you are a victim of societal influence.

Humans are flawed, severely and mortally flawed. I would never put my eternal faith in the hands of men. All men will stand shoulder to shoulder with me in judgment, they can't get themselves to heaven, what makes me think anyone can get me to heaven? People will always disappoint you. Even when they don't mean to. God will never leave nor forsake you.

I've never heard of a naming ceremony. Just be careful to keep your faith in God. He does have a plan for you, it's your job to discover what He wants for your life. Through His grace you can find out the truth about Jesus Christ and make it through this life with a better understanding of why everything happens according to His will.

I will pray for all of you and for myself. We are all on a journey here!


Misty Dawn said...

Well, I took the time to type a comment, but it is not showing up - I don't know what happened.

forgetfulone said...

I am over to Skittles Place to see what the fuss is about. No matter, though. I admire your courage, strength, and conviction to stand up for your beliefs about God. Whether or not we agree, this is YOUR blog, and you can post whatever you want. I didn't like the first comment under this post. If she didn't like it, she should just go to a different blog. That's what I do. Like I said, I admire your faith.

BeccaGirl said...

Thank you, forgetfulone! I appreciate you taking the time to look into the issue and allowing me the freedom of expression and speech here on my platform.

I have been through my own trials and lessons learned and the beliefs expressed here are evidence of what I have learned through it all. The strength I have comes from repeated lessons 'the hard way' and from watching others struggle through their lessons. I take a firm stance because that's how strongly I have seen it for myself. It's easy to stand when you have true beliefs in something.

Have a great day everyone!