Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 Day weekend ahead, yippee!

It's time for some of us to put away our work filled Zero Halliburton briefcases and pack a holiday bag for a 4 day weekend, yahoo!!!!

Most people only have a 3 day weekend coming up but I chose to use a vacation day on Friday giving me 4 days off in a row, nice! I have plans to visit my cousin and her baby on Friday, not sure about Sat., Sunday is our 5th Sunday dinner after church and then no plans on Monday! It sounds boring but honestly, I need some sleep, so bring it on!

Although, I do wish I could have planned a fun short trip *somewhere*. How about you? Any fun plans this holiday weekend?


Vivian said...

I agree....but I am helping my daughter by babysitting. I am however going to Jerseyville Il (with grandsons in tow) on Saturday to a Civil War festival. Here is the website...sounds like fun to me.

forgetfulone said...

Lucky you, with four days. I have to work tomorrow.