Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, it's not *really* my fault...

...but I do feel bad that it happened! So I'm on my way to work this morning, late as usual. I have discovered a couple of 'cheats' that I can do in order to go around this one particular stop light that I sometimes get caught at...you know, when I'm already running late. I turn right at the light, then left into a shopping center, across their parking lot and back out onto the street that I had been previously detained by the red light.

Well, when I made the right, the line of cars waiting for their light to turn green was blocking the entrance onto the shopping center parking lot. There was a considerable gap in front of a van, a red car and a black truck. The black truck backed up and the van began to pull up to close the open space between him and the next vehicle. Well, I suppose the girl in the red car wasn't paying attention closely enough that the traffic wasn't actually 'going' and she gunned it and drove right into the back of the van that had stopped!

Slam!!!!!! Obviously they weren't going very fast so it could have been worse...I mean, there was no reason to call a South Carolina injury lawyer especially considering it didn't happen in South Carolina... Anyway, I do feel bad that it happened but it's not *really* my fault. The girl in the red car needs to learn to look before gunning it as if to take off! Oh also, I need to leave the house earlier in order to not have to take shortcuts!

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