Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lia Sophia, anyone?

Hello there! I am just dropping a quick line to update you all about the past couple of days. First off, my apologies about not hosting a Give Me Five meme yesterday. With all the party preparations, I was exhausted on Sunday evening and was only in front of a computer briefly yesterday, so it just didn't happen. Again, so sorry and I hope you can look forward to next week's post, I will!

My Lia Sophia party went really well. There were 9 people there total, including myself and the adviser. We had some yummy treats, played with alot of fun jewelry and played a game called "Ringo". What you do is take a blank piece of paper, trace your hand and then you have 5 minutes to go through the book and write down the name of a ring on each of the fingers and thumb. Then, the adviser draws from a bowl, a name of a ring (1 for each one in the catalog) and as she calls them out, you mark off the rings that match the ones on your page. The first one to mark them all off wins $10 off their order!!! Ringo!!! It was alot of fun to watch and if I had been playing, it would have been a fun game to play as well.

So, all in all, it was good times. I was really excited for everyone to come over because none of them had been over to see where I live. Especially the group from church. It's fun to see where people live, I think it really brings you in closer to knowing that person and relating to them and over all getting a sense of who they are too. It's like, I really do exist outside of the church walls! LOL I usually regret having parties due to all the stress of getting ready and then doing all that work and then no one comes, but this time my friends really came through and showed me they cared by coming! It made me happy to have them over and I hope next time we can just get together and play games or something. That would be fun too! Thanks everybody for coming! For those of you who couldn't make it, feel free to drop by their website and do some shopping. Remember, it's buy 2 get 2 @ 1/2 off this month only :) I won't be closing the party until Sunday, August 17th, so there's still plenty of time to look!

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Marli said...

Hi there! I saw your post on a link in my own blogrush! I'm a lia sophia advisor as well-- I will be subscribing to get ideas from you!! Also, my husband is a big way of the master fan :)