Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Like a kid in a candy shop

Sometimes life is full of simple joys, you just have to be open to seeing them. As some of you know, I work in an accounting and tax office with my mom who is at the front desk for the office. There's also my boss too, but this isn't about him.

My mom always has a little dish of individually wrapped hard candies on her desk for anyone who would like to partake. She buys these treats out of the kindness of her heart and trust me, she really enjoys little things like this. Just one of the reasons my mom rocks!

Anyway, back to the story. Out of all the clients who come in to the office and dip into the bowl, I'd guess that 95% of the takers are men. Some of them take more than one piece, for the road, you see. Of course that's not a problem at all, in fact, I have often thought it was cute, like the kid inside of them went - Hey, free candy, get some!

Today is Tuesday. We have one particular client who comes in regularly every Tuesday morning to bring his deposits. This man is an older man and he has diabetes. So my mom, bless her heart, buys him special sugar free candy. He really enjoys this. As a matter of fact, my mom will get out a couple of pieces for him and puts it right on her desk for him to get right away when he sets down. Well, today she was busy before he came and she didn't have a chance to get it out for him. After he finished his deposit business, he stood up and said, 'Where's my candy?' Mom said, 'Oh, here, it's in the drawer, I didn't have time to get it out for you.' Right away she jumped up and went to the drawer. I happened to walk past my office door and caught a glimpse of this full grown old man standing there like he was 3 years old in anticipation of the treat! Everything about his body and his stance spoke of his excitement to get this piece of candy. I thought it was adorable I had to snicker and laugh to myself.

Most people would have never noticed it or thought much of it, but I guess it touched me to see him be so joyful over such a tiny piece of candy. It gave me joy to see him that way, look around yourself for those simple joys. They are everywhere, if you look for them!

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Stephen said...

A very cute story. I suspect the pleasure for him was less in the actual treat and more the being made a fuss of. Your Mum's attention making him feel a little bit special.

I think we all crave love and attention and hopefully we get exactly that. But maybe we need to just think a bit more on how we can give it to others and likely it'll be returned to us in a good way.

Your Mum's candy (as a Brit I'd call them sweets!)bowl seems to be the perfect opportunity to give people a boost!