Saturday, July 21, 2007

Glutton for disappointment

So I say glutton for disappointment rather than punishment because we suffered only disappointment so far.

My mom and I were driving in my car when we realized we were hungry. What's close by? Not much. Just then, we passed by Phil's BBQ on Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO.

My mom said she had eaten there one time with my dad years ago and that she remembered not liking it much. I had the exact same story. But being hungry and giving the benefit of the doubt to the passing of time, we assumed it had to have gotten better over the years, since it was still open.

Nope. We were wrong. We walked out and established an new declaration by the time we reached the car, "Trust our original instincts in situations like these." We knew before we went in, we probably wouldn't like it but we went anyway!

Here's a review I left online for it:

The restaurant is tiny, out dated, not very clean. I had the pulled pork plate with 3 sides, fries, beans and corn. It was a big portion of pork, but seemed soupy in some kind of juice (not sauce). The only bbq sauce they had reminded me of a cheap red spaghetti sauce mixed with worcester sauce and vinegar - NOT GOOD. The sides were just ok, nothing to write home about. My mom had the catfish fillet which took 30 min. to cook. No kidding, they even warn you ahead of the wait. She had spaghetti as one of her sides and it was cold. When she told the waitress, she didn't even say, oh sorry. She just cleared the plates. Then as she brought back the credit card receipt, she stood there hovering while my mom completed the tip calculation. I won't be going back nor recommending it to anyone else.


Tina K said...

Too many good places to eat in St Louis for that kind of junk.

Alice Teh said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the restaurant. :(

BeccaGirl said...

Tina K: You are so right, there are soooo many great places to eat in St. Louis. I guess this is another reason I was so dissapointed :)

Alice Teh: Thank You ;-)