Thursday, July 05, 2007

Travel Plans Update

As some of you may know, I am planning a trip to England this September (see countdown in sidebar) to visit a friend and her new hubby. While I am there, the three of us are planning a long weekend to Florence, Italy.

All of this, I knew would happen, but then I get an email from A and she says, "It's time to plan our trip to Italy!" So suddenly it becomes real! Actual plans!?! Oh boy, I'm nervous and excited all over again! My excitement has been refreshed!

She suggests we fly into Pisa and take a 1 hour train ride into Florence because it will save us money. Great! I secretly wanted to eyeball that leaning tower anyway (hope I can see it, atleast!).

And a train ride through the Tuscan countryside??? Yeah, twist my arm!!

We have decided to rent an apartment for our 5 days/4 nights because it is actually cheaper than getting a hotel room. Also, with a full kitchen we will be able to shop in the markets for fresh goodies and cook them ourself! Less expensive and waaaay fun!

Once the final plans for the apartment have been made, I'll share some photos and information about it. I'm excited all over again!!!


Adam said...

Hi, I still haven't done the review of your blog as yet. I want to do a good job and slowly getting each done one by one. Will do yours soon. Cheers

Lynn said...

Sounds like you are getting ready for a great adventure. I am definitely envious;~)

Miss Profe said...

My dear brother and I travelled to England and Scotland in July 2006. It was a magical nine days. Where exactly are you going and what do you plan to do while you are there?

BeccaGirl said...

Well, I'm hoping to see Stone Henge, a castle or two and London sometime in my 6 days in England. In Italy, I hope to see the leaning tower of Pisa, the Tuscan countryside, some museums, art, gardens...not sure yet. I just received a great travel book for Florence and Tuscany as a gift from my dear friend that I'll be visiting. So we'll see!!!