Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the Lot rocks 3

I have taken a break from my posts on this show, mainly because I felt most of the films in the past few weeks were not quite as memorable as in shows past. This week 'On the Lot' brought us some really great action! I hope you are watching this show, it's really fun to see the creativity!

My favorite this week is called "Sweet" by Jason Epperson. He has created a nice film here, where action meets suburbia. There's a little love, a little super hero and a little irony.


My favorite director, Sam Friedlander, offered up my second favorite - a fast paced foot chase with gun fights and handcuffs. "Key Witness" is not his best work, but very entertaining to say the least! (Go Sam!)

"Key Witness"

My third favorite film this week is by Andrew Hunt called "Zero2Sixty". This is a fast paced car chace with a twist of comedy. I think the main actor in this film is just funny!


Stay tuned next week for my latest review!! And if you watch any of these videos, be sure to come back and comment here!!! Bookmark me :)
(Go Sam!)

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