Monday, July 30, 2007

Over or under? That is the question.

Ok, so I saw this photo and couldn't agree more.

I have seen it both ways in other people's houses, but usually each household picks one direction and sticks to it in every application. I believe that is due to the fact that there is usually only one person changing the rolls as they run out or get close (thanks all the moms out there!) So, the question is, do you hang the paper to roll over or under?

I personally feel that if you have the paper rolling under, you have to reach all the way to the wall just to retrieve it. Not that big of a deal you say? Depends on how far you have to reach already! That 2-3 inches more can really make the difference when trying not to fall off! Not to mention the part where you begin to dig your nails into it to get it to spin around and try to catch the flap as it goes by again and again. Uh, no thanks.

If you would just hang the paper so that it rolls over and out, it sorta presents you the end to grab onto. Almost as if to say, "Here you go, have a square ... or 10." :)

So let me hear from you, are you an 'Over' or 'Under'? If you say 'Under' maybe give me some reasons you choose this lifestyle....I probably won't be persuaded to change, but it's good for conversation. Happy rolling!


Tina K said...

Over is the right way.

Jen D said...

I think the ONLY right way is over. My husband can't seem to get the idea, so quite often I find myself putting the toilet paper back on the right way or he just refuses to put a new roll on because I'm just going to change it anyway! I swear someday he will put it on the right way!