Thursday, May 15, 2008

Babies, babies & more babies!

Tonight, I am going out to my cousin's house to help her go through her shower gifts and figure out what needs to be taken back or exchanged, to finalize the nursery and stock it in preparation for the arrival of her baby (Due on June 13th, just 3 weeks from now!!!) as well as some fun crafty stamping of her thank you notes, just to name a few things we need to get done. It's their first baby and she has never really spent alot of time around babies and nurseries. I've had many friends who have had babies and now it's my turn to share and make use of some experiences I've had through the years. They have chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, which I love! It's so exciting for dad to come out of the delivery room and say, "It's a........ !"

Something else that is so exciting about all this is that their best friends are also pregnant with their first baby! They are due in September and already know they are having a boy. They are all set with a couple of boy names. I am going to help my cousin plan a baby shower for her, after all, by then she will have a new born baby to tend to 8-) I'm telling you, all this talk of baby cribs and diapers and breast feeding is making me tired just thinking about all of it! But it's such a happy and joyous occasion though, to welcome a beautiful gift from God!

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