Friday, May 30, 2008

What are the odds?

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find money on the street or a parking lot or the pocket of an old jacket. Woo hoo! Usually it's not high dollars...a penny or a nickel, maybe. If you are *really* lucky, maybe a quarter. Or if you are **really-really** lucky, like a friend of mine a few years back, you will find a flying $100 bill on your way home from work. But I digress.

So, what are the odds of finding a dime? I almost NEVER see one of those. Ok, better yet, what are the odds of finding 2 separate dimes within 24 hours? It happened to me this week. Is someone trying to tell me something? The first one was at the gas station and the second one was the following day on the back parking lot of my apartment building. Odd, huh?

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