Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A change is at hand

I can feel it coming over me now...a change is eminent! For a long time now, I have hidden behind this weight and sin of slothfulness! I'm tired of it's effects on my life.

I live on the second floor in my building. Lately, I've been contemplating having a stair lift installed because my knees just can't stand running up and down all the stairs to get to the basement where my washing machine and dryer are!

Last night, my mom and I were discussing our overweight and unhealthy situation and I told her I want her to get out her Weight Down materials and we are going to start off by just eating better and in smaller quantities. Also, we are going to start stretching and utilizing my treadmill too! Shoot, I forgot to weigh this morning....oh well, there's always tomorrow!

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Dawn said...

I have been feeling a change coming on in myself here lately. I too am so tired of carrying around this excess baggage. I want to feel better. I want to be able to run up stairs, chase my kids, or just chase my darn hubby if I want to. I am tired, tired, tired!! I am praying that God helps both of us with these changes that we are desiring.