Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial 3 Day Weekend is here!

It's so nice to have 3 days off work in a row! I don't have plans to go out of town like I would like to, but it will be nice to stay around here and get some cleaning done and maybe visit with some friends. I'd consider seeing a movie too, but next weekend's 'Sex and the City' movie release is tops on my list! Although I wouldn't mind seeing 'What Happens in Vegas' too. Maybe I'll squeeze that in over the weekend!

Of course, going to sit in a dark movie theater isn't really as memory worthy as other holiday events. I mean, there's no use in breaking out with the digital cameras and capturing the memories there! I think this holiday weekend would be more memorable spent with friends and family, playing games, getting outside, going fishing, having a nice BBQ and so on. I used to say it's nice to just take a car ride and explore, but with the price of gas these days, you'd be better off staying at home! LOL

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Tina Kubala said...

Skip Sex and the City. Indiana Jones, baby. It was amazing.