Thursday, May 08, 2008

I like it, I don't like it

The Rain.

Seems like we've had quite enough around here lately considering how high the water levels are already. I've heard the rain will be intermittent for the next few days so I guess you can put away your golf clubs for a couple of weeks until the rain stops and the ground has time to dry up some.I really hope we aren't looking at another Flood of 93'. Our office was about 3 feet high in water...I couldn't imagine all the work it would take to evacuate that office of all the boxes of files and computers and such...what a mess! So, although I am loving how green and lush everything looks and how much it reminds me of England's green rolling landscapes, I don't love the threat of higher waters!

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forgetfulone said...

Wow, that is some rain! We've had our share of floods in Houston over the years. It is not not an easy thing to deal with. Hope all is well with you.