Friday, May 16, 2008

One man's trash...

I love participating in freecycle. I'm not sure if you know what that is, but basically it's a yahoo group (they have them in different areas - all over) and people can post on there, things they want to get rid of. Then, other people can email back and request the item. The offerer chooses a recipient, gives them a place and time to pick up and it can help save our landfills from collecting items that can still be useful to other people. There is no exchange of money of any kind, you aren't selling anything.

I have been the recipient of many nice, useful and sometimes new items from freecyclers. I have also, offered items for other people to come pick up. For instance, last week, I was cleaning out my hair care products and discovered I had quite a collection of mostly full bottles that I had tried and weren't going to be trying again. So instead of throwing them all away, I offered them! I had several interested people. It's great, a couple of days later, the bag had been picked up and was on it's way to being used.

There are some downsides to freecycling as well. Sometimes people who are going to pick up from you, never show up and your front porch is littered with bags for people. Sometimes, you drive to someone's house to pick something up and it's no where to be found. There are various reasons that could happen. Sometimes, you are just plain disappointed in the item after you pick it up. Now, I know these items are mostly used or of the 'discarded' grade, but come on...don't say you have a nice wedding frame to get rid of that would make a nice gift when the frame is scratched and dented! I can't give that! And don't just say 'Offer: roses and tiger lilies flower ring' and then hand me a peach and mint green flower ring! Who has peach and mint green anymore? Why don't you just give me your grandpa's old medical id bracelet? I strongly dislike wasting gas. All I'm asking is, if you make an offer, please be descriptive, that way I can make an informed decision. >-)


Through Thick and Thin said...

i *heart* freecycle sooo much!!!

forgetfulone said...

I'm gonna go have a look at freecycle!