Monday, May 05, 2008

Note to children everywhere: (& husbands, too!)

Mother's Day is less than a week away...please plan ahead for your mother and/or wife...or both! I hear the ladies like flowers and jewelry. Just make sure you don't blow it by waiting until the last minute to get something and end up with a fist full of orange silk flowers from a Wal-mart craft isle or a gum ball machine type bracelet. I myself am not a wife or mother, so I can't get any more specific than this as to what your lady might like to get, sorry. I know women love gifts of your time too, doing something alone with that person could put a nice smile on their face. Women need to build fond memories to reflect on for those times you end up in the dog house. Anyway, you have now been warned! This is your 2 minuted warning (well, actually, your 6 day warning, but we are talking realtime here)

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