Monday, May 12, 2008

Housekeeping, please!

Ok, so it has been a very long time since I've honestly had time to keep up on my laundry, especially the (what I call) "extra" loads, as in towels. I use a bath towel for a few days and then switch it out for another one. Well, I've ran out of my good bath towels. What I mean by 'good' is actually a bath sheet. I'm a big girl and I am all about a towel that can wrap all the way around me and then some! So I buy bath sheets and they are long enough and wide enough, it's great! Well, I only have so many of them and yesterday, I decided the one I'd been using needed to be swapped out.

So there I am finishing my shower this morning and I reach over for the replacement and might I add, much inferior version of a bath towel to dry with. All of a sudden I had the thought that it was like being at a hotel and the towels are a joke. You need like 2 of them to feel covered and that just makes things cumbersome and awkward! Then I thought, shoot, I wish I was at a hotel!!! I could just call up housekeeping to clean my house! I wish I could just pick up the phone and dial 9 for the front desk and say, "Yes, this place is dusty, disorganized and in dire need of vacuuming , could you send someone up right away?" And while they are at it, I could complain to the front desk about the poor mattress quality. They need to get some type of new fangled posture corrector or posture enhancer mattresses implemented right away! My back has been bothering me ever since I flipped my mattress the last time I changed the sheets on my bed. I wish I could just call housekeeping for that too! :) Ah the list goes on and on!

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