Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One root canal down, one more to go!

Tuesday I had an appointment at the dentist's office for a root canal. I've never had one before so I was apprehensive. All my life I've heard the old cliche' about how bad root canals can be. Things that are really bad/painful are compared to root canals as if they are a gage in which all things painful are measured! Ugh...

Walking in, I could feel my anxiety level going up, up, up! I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to just cry at these's not because I'm currently sad or in pain, just anxiety. This particular dentist is the kind that doesn't talk to you and let you know what's going on, so you don't know if it's time to relax or be on edge. I knew the worst part would be the removal of the root, which they had a hard time getting out, apparently. He kept yelling to another room for a different assistant to go get him a this or a that.

Even with all the shots of numbing medicine he gave me (like 6!) I still knew when he was in my nerve or whatever. I just kept staring up at the light and thinking about how nice heaven will be because we won't have to go through any dental nightmares up there! I'd even be willing to contact the best movers New York City has to offer and tell them to come get me, I'm outta here! I was really trying anything to get my mind off of what was going on. The sounds you can hear can be disturbing. Besides having to hold your jaw wide open for an hour and a half, is bad enough in itself!

Later, as the numbing medicine began to wear off, I was afraid I would feel like someone had hit me up side the head with a baseball bat. Not here or here so much, but right in through here. But I was lucky because I really didn't have pain after the numbness wore off! Of course, I took one of the pain pills the dentist prescribed for me, but even today, the day after, I'm fine! There is a tiny bit of tenderness in my jaw, but nothing as I had anticipated there would be. I have to go back next Tuesday to have the rest of the build up finished. One root canal down, one more to go!

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NativeVermonter said...

Wow, you're a brave BeccaGirl! At least it would have been nice to have a dentist with a little personality. You know when someone says: "I'd rather have a root canal then do that." What do you say when you're having a root canal? "I'd rather do _____ then have a root canal.

Any suggestions :)