Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Christmas in May!

Have you ever heard a song and remembered a moment or feeling?

I'm listening to Third Day's 'Christmas Offerings' CD at work, and I'm reminded of that old feeling of how special Christmas used to be when I was a kid. The smells, the sounds, the lights. There used to be a strange feeling like there was something almost magical going on all around me.

People used to be so different about the holidays. Now everyone is worried about offending people and getting sued for expressing their freedoms. The new message of Christmas seems to be "Watch out! Someone might not agree with your beliefs!" You simply try to squeeze through with as much enjoyment as you can before the humbug of the season creeps in, and it almost always does these past few years.

Of course nothing can be as it was when we were kids. The magic of the season is lost in the bustle of buying gifts. Sometimes I wish we could all forget about buying presents and just be happy visiting and getting together. What better gift can you give, than yourself?

Perhaps, it would be nice to simply take in the greatest gift of all that we've already been given so many years ago....

You should try listening to some of your favorite Christmas music or carols. See what nostalgic feelings you can muster up! I know it's May but it's never too early to remember the good times!


Patrick D. said...

Ah, yes, childhood Christmas. My sisters, smashing each other in the head with plates. Mom, drinking Jim Beam and listening to George Jones. Those were the days...


I'll take what I have now 10,000 times over that crappy childhood nightmare.

BeccaGirl said...

Ok, ok, so some childhood memories from the holidays aren't so great. I have a few myself, but the season did seem magical to me :)
Good visual though!