Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Horticulture at Work 2

I couldn't help myself...I got 2 "Natural Garden - Radish Grow Kits"
Here they are just after I've followed the directions (sort of) to get them started.

You may be saying to yourself, "This girl can't count, and she's an accountant!?! I thought she said '2', I count '3' tiny pots!"

I used the empty left over tiny pot from starting the basil and some potting soil to start some of the seeds from both packets. The directions say to only plant about 10 of the seeds in the packet into the tiny 2" pot it comes with and to plant the remaining seeds somewhere else. So I did.

Which is also an experiment: to see if they grow the same or better or slower using potting soil vs. the disc of sod it comes with. This one is the #3 above in the photo.
I've lined them all up in the front window of my office to bask in the sunlight. I'll keep you updated!

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