Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Horticulture at Work

So, I bought a "Natural Garden - Basil Grow Kit." It was only a dollar and came with seeds, a sod disc and a tiny clay pot. I put it together a couple of weeks ago and stuck it in the window sill in my office. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw tiny green stems coming out of the mud. More surprisingly was the sweet strong aroma these tiny budding leaves had at such an early stage!

Today I transplanted them over into a larger pot and spread them out so they will have plenty of room to grow out.

I'll keep you updated on it's progress. I'll also share with you, one of my favorite treats for summer when they have grown out into leaves large and ripe enough to cut off and enjoy!


J Crew said...

There truly is nothing like the fragrant aroma of a garden. That is way cool!!

BeccaGirl said...

I agree. The last time I went to visit my dad in the country, we ate green onions from his garden. Went right out to the garden, plucked them out of the ground, washed them and cut them up! It makes me wish I had a yard to plant in at home....someday I hope to.