Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Obsess Much?

OK, I have to admit. When I like something, I REALLY like something. I have a couple of obsessive behavioral traits, for those of you who are new.
I play games over at GoldToken.com and have discovered a new game called Dice Pipe. It's FUN FUN FUN!!!
I find myself checking to see if I have any new turns to take around 50 times a day, no kidding. I even think about it when my computer is off. I enjoy my paid membership, but the level I am on only gives me up to 30 games at a time. So as soon as one is finished, I start a new one for someone to join!

I love this game because it involves mild skills and some chance. It can be a fast paced game with some games lasting only 4 or 5 turns.

Come on over and try it out, I can be found as 'Beccagirl' (big surprise huh) and I always have open invitations for this game. The site does have a limited Free membership as well, if you'd like to just try it out. I believe you can have up to 15 basic games with a privileged allowance to enjoy playing 1 premium game at a time of those 15 spots.

Oh, and if we do play a game, don't expect me to say "Good luck" as I don't believe in luck.


J Crew said...

The game sounds very interesting and for the record, I did get voted in as Jr High Pastor at my church so I am pretty stoked about that

BeccaGirl said...

Congratulations, you'll be great I'm sure!