Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Friday's Feast #141

Yes, I know it's Wednesday... :)

How fast can you type?
I dunno...all I do know is, I make way too many mistakes! I can hit that backspace so fast!!! I've even noticed, I backspace so much, sometimes I backspace and retype words that aren't even mispelled, out of habbit!!!

What is your favorite online game?
Right now, it's 'Shake it Fast' on
Come join me in a game!! My username is Beccagirl

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), how intelligent do you think you are?
Well, if I could count that high, I'd be able to tell you!!!
J/K...I'm more street smart than book smart. But I have some of that too. So I'd say about 6.5.

Main Course:
Name three of your best teachers from your school years.
In no particular order (I wouldn't want to hurt their feelers!):
Mr. Covington - Grant Middle School - 6th & 7th grades - Language/English & Young Readers and Writers Club
Mrs. Merleen - Berea Temple Christian School - 2nd>5th grades - Everything!
I really can't think of any other teachers having such a strong impact on me....or else I can't remember their names anymore.

What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?
Stoping by to see my friend Jen home from the hospital on my way down to my dad's house about an hour and a half from here. Fishing. Eating. Visiting. Drive back on Sunday to my friend Shell's house to go see a movie (maybe 'Vacancy'). Then home again!
Thanks mom for watching my babies!!!


Patrick D. said...

"sometimes I backspace and retype words that aren't even mispelled, out of habbit!!!"

But apparently not the words misspelled and habit.

tegdirb92 said...

I use the backspace button A LOT!! Great feast.

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Great Friday post! Come on over and see my feast, with some perks and surprises!