Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bad day for a sale

The sun was shining brightly, a cool breeze danced to and fro. The sky was deep azure blue, uninterrupted by clouds. The songs of many birds rang out from near and far. In the warmth of the sunlight, I drifted off to daydreams whilst I swung back and forth on the porch swing. What a day!! What a perfect day to do anything but come to my yard sale!! Where are all the shoppers at? Or as my nephew calls them 'customers' or my ex neighbor would call them 'sale-ers' (not to be confused with 'sailors') but I digress.

Do you people know how much work goes into creating a yard sale extravaganza for eager thrifty sale-ers like yourself?

I participated in a yard sale today held at a friend's house along with her mom who had many succulent sale items as well. I ended up only being $4.25 up for the day...well that doesn't include $8 purchased 'on tab' by my friend (I will gladly pay you on Tuesday, for a hamberger today), and I did buy a $3 cookbook. But still. I was up til 3:30 am and back up again at 6:30 am! That's just how some sales go, I guess. I've done a few sales this year, so I'm lucky I have anything left. But I do love a sale! I love to have them and I love to go to them. You can find some great stuff!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend so far and are able to enjoy the beautiful awesome weather we are experiencing (in the greater St. Louis area, that is)!

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