Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday nights are alright with me

Yesterday was Tuesday. You know what that means, don't you? No not a fun filled day of succession planning. It's the night for:

Me likey!!! I hadn't even heard of The Biggest Loser show until late last year and then I only saw a couple of episodes here and there. I thought, "What a great idea for a show! I've always said, I could lose the weight if the only thing I had to do was focus on working out and learning to eat right!" This show creates just such an environment. I even have my mom interested in watching it now. I went online to the website to find out about trying out for the new season (the one on air now). I don't have a video camera to take videos to submit, I need to recruit the help of my friends for that. Also, they film during tax season. Kind of a no-go around my office. My boss is flexible with some time off, but not during tax season. Although, when I approached him with the idea, he said, "Do whatever you have to do." Not sure he knew the time line though.

The only other thing I couldn't figure out, how do you pay your rent and care payment and all your other bills for those 3 months (hopefully I'd be gone that long!!) if you aren't working??? Any ideas? Anyone?


Fresh Girl said...

I love this show, too! It's been very inspirational for me, though I've found success with Weight Watchers.

I *think* I remember reading somewhere, and I couldn't tell you where, that each contestant receives some money every week. I can't remember how much, but I think it increases slightly every week they stay. Of course it's not so much that they wouldn't see winning thing as a great thing, but it might help with the paying of bills.

Alison said...

Becca, I love watching any reality tv show and I'm not sure they are the same where this is concerned. But, I watched Big Brother after dark a lot this last season (thank goodness it was in the summer, and I could stay up that late), and the contestants talked about the money they received for their bills while in the house. From what I could gather Big Brother not only provides for them while in the house and the winner(s) is awarded money, but they also take care of ALL the bills they have while in the house and unable to work. Maybe it's like this for The Biggest Loser too???

Also, I agree with fresh girl, this show is very inspiring!! Hope you are having a great weekend!