Monday, November 26, 2007

'Bout time to clean house around here...

Have you been Google-slapped too? I believe I just went from a PR2 down to a PR0. I don't mind really, since it was an across the board kind of spanking, but it is time to get some dirty laundry out of here. PR isn't important to me except when it comes to income potential. Otherwise, I am still going to conduct my blog in the manner I see fit.

I do paid ads on this blog for things like Las Vegas hotels or many other topics. It's has been great for me to share some paid link love and pass on some info on websites and services that I encounter or am introduced to. Recently I have been chosen to participate in some product sampling opportunities and frankly, I couldn't be more pleased! I have done paid marketing research in the past as a participant and I love sharing my opinions for profit!

Unfortunately, Google has been looking down on such paid posts, so I decided to go back and re-evaluate some of the posts I have completed. I am under contract to keep the previous paid posts active for only 30 days and I have let some stay on for almost a year now. So the archives will be shrinking a bit, but it's no big deal. Keep looking forward to all the good *NEW* posts to come.


BeccaGirl said...

Take that Google, I just deleted 55 posts that were paid only posts from Pay Per Post! Uh!

Serena said...

Hi Becca,

There has been a lot of talk about Google decreasing page rank and so on for participating in sponsored posts or specifically PayPerPost ones. I couldn't help but noticed that although your blog has a post even as far back as 2005 and your page rank is zero. Is PayPerPost the reason for this?


C. R. Morris said...

Hee... I made a graphic and put it on my blog that says, "Google put me and my page rank in time out." hee hee... I should put it on one of my side bars in case someone wants to use it. Google schmoogle and blah blah blah!