Saturday, November 10, 2007

WWW - 2007

Well, well, well! Here we are at the end of another great WWW! For those of you who don't know, WWW stands for "Wonderful Weekend for Women" and is held at Miner Baptist Church in Sikeston, MO. Once a year these ladies put on quite a production for 400 women from all over.

Friday night there is a banquet and the men of the church wear black slacks and white long sleeved shirts and serve plates of food to hungry Christian ladies who really seem to enjoy the lot of it! There's good food, good fellowship, love gifts, guest speakers and praise and worship!

Saturday morning comes early to a night owl like myself, but those tiny quiche are so good! There are seminars to choose from, more love gifts, a book and goodie store, more from the guest speakers and more praise and worship!

This year's guest speaker was so great! Kim Bolton was funny, sincere, motivational, encouraging, touching, and downright entertaining! She sings beautifully and has a truly heart stopping testimony! There's a story-a true story- she tells of the night she was up late rocking the baby back to sleep again and after returning to bed, heard her older son coming down the hall and into her bedroom. She felt him at her bedside. Being 1/2 asleep, she told him 3 times to just climb up into bed with mommy and daddy and finally looked down at him. But him was not him. Him was a stranger, a grown man, naked and in her bedroom! She nudged her husband who didn't really believe her at first but soon very much did. After a few horrified moments, the man was gone. 'We called 911 and CSI came to my house." She then proceeded to tell the story of how her life changed to fear for many sleepless weeks! She told how she would begin to do chores in the night to stay awake because "my husband was sleeping!" And one night a couple weeks later, she was folding sheets when she heard the front door handle turning. She screamed and sure enough her locks had been broken with a screwdriver. She told how the fear began to ruin her life and how she overcame it! I really enjoyed this woman and what she brought to the WWW. She sang and brought a connection to God for us that was much much needed!

We all had a great time this year. There were 3 different groups of 4 ladies each that were part of our people there. Some were first timers and some were old timers, but everyone had a great time. For the first time EVER, everyone in our group of 8 won something and even 1 from the other group of 4 did too! It was truly a WWW!! I got to spend some time with my friend on the way home, of course that is always great! We ate at Lambert's on the way home. You know, the 'Home of the throwed rolls'. Anyway, hopefully next year, we can go again, Lord willing!! I know we always look forward to it.

For all those people who commented on my Friday's Feast yesterday, I plan to spend some time getting back to all your blogs for a looksee soon. Thank you for stopping by, I didn't forget about you, I was just gone until now!!! Have a great weekend all!!!


Tammy said...

Hi! I was just wondering what the Gimme Five would be for Monday. I like to get a jump start on things like this. Tammy from Mom Knows Everything :o)

Alison said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Looking forward to tomorrow's Give Me Five - I probably won't get to mine until tomorrow evening after work. Can't wait!!