Sunday, November 18, 2007

So much for that!

I have told you before about my mom staying with me for a while. Things have been going pretty good, actually! Not many people can work with their mom's full time in an office and still be able to pull off living together too. Don't get me wrong, we do have our differences. What's a bit odd is that this is my house, not hers. I do want her to feel comfortable here, she lives here after all, but I don't think she thinks of this place as her home. Understandable.

Anyway, she went to visit her cousin this weekend to help her decorate her Christmas tree. My mom is quite good at that! Anyway, I was all excited about having the place to myself for 3 days. Not as excited as say a compulsive exerciser would drool at an ad for ellipticals or anything, but I had some ideas of how to spend my hours alone at home. Of course, as it turns out, I was out until late on Friday night. I got up and was out of here early Saturday morning and again, out late Saturday night. Sunday brought church in the morning followed by our church family Thanksgiving meal. After that, I returned a movie to the McD's redbox and rented a new one. Next I went shopping for winter shirts for work. By the time I got home, the tryptophan from the turkey and gravy wooed me into a nice long nap! So now I'm up and trying to get some laundry and cleaning done too! So much for home alone for the weekend!

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